Thursday, October 13, 2016

Alien Zoo

Alien Zoo 20 x 24 Inches, Acrylic on Illustration Board on Panel, 2016

I have a considerable body of work featuring the familiar gray aliens, but in this painting I have created a new race of aliens.  These are the inhabitants of the earth-like planet of Azura.  The Azurites are fairly human-like, but with somewhat different noses, no eyebrows, hair that grows out to the side of their head, black eyes, and, most distinctively, blue complexions.  The Azurites are devoted to studying the life forms throughout the galaxy and have zoos to house "alien" specimens.  Depicted is the exhibit of earth creatures, a family of homo sapiens.  The family, collected from earth, were not too unhappy to leave their planet, are quite content in their compound, and do not miss the outside world provided that they have access to all the devices, TVs, cellphones, tablets they are accustomed to and are given plenty of junk food to eat.  The Azurites look in upon them with curiosity, disapproval, and amusement. 

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