Wednesday, November 18, 2015


At a very early age I became interested in space, space travel, flying saucers, and so forth, initially inspired, I imagine, by my childhood affection for a horrendously bad TV show "Flash Gordon," which looked like it was made in someone's basement, a basement in Germany actually, using actors dragged in off the street.  (I was too young for "Rocky Jones, Space Ranger," a current favorite of mine that was really good early TV.)  I  have found more recent inspiration in other space operas that I like: those American rocket-to-Mars flicks from the '50s, Italian space movies from the mid '60's, Space:1999, the first season, Buck Rogers, also the first season, and the obscure but delightful Space Maidens. -- sorry not a Trekkie or a Star Wars fan.) 

As an artist I have done from time to time some space-themed paintings.  Lately I have embarked on a series of spacescapes, scenes of outer space with planets and moons, comets and spaceships and also landscapes of alien planets.  They are totally out of the imagination, which I love, and can be executed without a great expenditure of time.  Here are the ones I've done so far.

Crash on a Volcanic Planet, Meteor Strike, Planet of the Mushrooms, Rising of a Moon 16 x 20 inches, acrylic on illustration board on panel, 2015

Saucer Convoy, Zapping an Asteroid  11 x 14 inches, acrylic on illustration board on panel, 2015

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