Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Safari Girl

Sabina, Safari Girl - Acrylic on Museum Board on Panel, 16 x 20 inches, 2012

Continuing with the idea of the generic portrait, I recently completed the above picture of a character from my imagination, Sabina, the Safari Girl.  This is set somewhere on the savannah of East Africa.  The wildlife pictured are a vervet monkey, a cheetah, some impalas, a zebra, a long-crested eagle, a turquoise-spotted swordtail butterfly, and a rock python (big and scary, but they don't eat many people.)  She has with her a new Sony Cybershot HX200V.   Photography being her main purpose of her safari and not hunting, is evidenced by the fact that the gun she carries is without the telescopic site that would be attached for serious shooting.  The rifle, given to her by her late grandfather who acquired it in the 1950's in South America, is a classic 7mm Spanish Mauser, derived from bolt-action Gewehr 98 developed by German weapon designer and industrialist Paul Mauser in the 1890's.  (It's still supposed to be a great gun.)  Sabina needs it for those nasty snakes and things one encounters on safari.

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