Wednesday, March 26, 2014

More Clueless Gray Aliens

Several years ago I did a couple fairly large tableaux featuring Clueless Gray Aliens and thought I get back to them to see what they're up to.  The back story is this: a flying saucer crashes on earth leaving a group of aliens stranded here.  They have, however,  been trained to understand earth society and prepared, so they think, to live as human beings  Although they have superhuman intelligence and a high level of advanced cultural training, their attempts to acclimate themselves and to deal with life on earth do not come off without a few hitches.  

Clueless Gray Aliens Go Skiing  8 x 12 inches, Acrylic on Museum Board, 2114

Clueless Gray Aliens Have Car Trouble 8 x 12 inches,  Acrylic on Museum Board, 2114

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  1. I feel like that pretty much every day! Poor little guys.